Organizational behaviour

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Organisational Behaviour

With reference to a real life organisation with which you are familiar:

Conduct a critical appraisal of the organisation's structure, highlighting whether you feel it to be appropriate for the environment within which the organisation operates;

Select one aspect of organisational behaviour and critically evaluate the linkages which exist between the effective and efficient management of the aspect chosen and the organisation's structural configuration.

Make recommendations as to how organisational performance might be improved through the more effective and efficient management of either, or both , structure and behaviour.

Student Group: - Lecturer:-

Gordon Fogarty, Han Jing (Sissi) Jimmy Donaghue

Feng Shu (Susan), Paul Hughes

Word count:- 5230

Module BMG773J1

Course MBA Full Time 2002 Written: - Semester 1 2002


The Chinese company Haier has enjoyed phenomenal growth during the last eighteen years. It has been transformed from a loss making provincial factory on the verge of bankruptcy, to become the sixth largest domestic appliance manufacturer in the world.

This incredible growth is attributed to the resilience, vision, and leadership of the CEO Zhang Ruimin. Haier's structure and the appropriateness to its environment will be examined. In addition the relationship between Zhang Ruimin's leadership style and the structure will be evaluated, leading to overall recommendations how either, or both of these aspects may be made more efficient and effective.

Outline of company and its environment

In 1984, in Qingdao City in Shandong province of the Peoples Republic of China, (PRC), the near bankrupt Qingdao Refrigerator Company manufactured a single range of refrigerators using imported technology from Germany. Since then, this inefficient and ailing company has grown into Haier Group Co. (Haier), a global manufacturer of Domestic Appliances with a turnover of $5 billion in 2001 and now ranked the 6th largest Domestic Appliance manufacturer...