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Finding an enjoyable and fulfilling job, to me, seems about as difficult as finding love. Some find the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with in high school. Others don't find that kind of love until they're in their 50's or 60's. And it's not necessarily because they are not attractive, or smart, or have a great personality (though those can factor into it). Mostly, it's because they haven't found that elusive sense of "fit" with another person. They haven't found that person that they click with -- that they can be completely themselves around.

The importance of "fit" is the same when finding a job. When the rubber meets the road during a job search, individuals who have a good level of personal awareness and understand their personal values and needs will find it easier to find the best organization for them to work for (Taft, Kathryn, 2006) -- an organization that they click with and can be completely themselves around.

While I explore the results of my self-assessments, it is my hope to obtain a more well-rounded understanding of my needs and values in evaluating future job opportunities, and to reflect on my chosen career path in Corporate Security/Information Systems Audit or Risk Management.

I began with the assessment testing my likelihood of becoming an entrepreneur. This test uses proactive personality as an indicator of entrepreneurship potential, and I scored high which is similar to how I feel. Previously, I worked in the Corporate Security field and, when implementing change in my management area I analyzed, almost obsessively, potential obstacles, challenges, and benefits. I simply despised the thought of placing myself in a situation where I could make a change and not reasonably answer to challenges. In understanding that I hate maintaining the status...