Organizational Blogs and the Human Voice: Relational Strategies and Relational Outcomes.

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The purpose of this study is to triangulate professional literature on online communication, scholarship on relational maintenance strategies and relational outcomes, and quantitative data to explore the potential of blogs as tools for public relations.

As the public relations professionals also have taken interest in relationships as the foundation for their work and have sought various ways to measure their contributions as such by Defining the terms of Relationship, Blogs, Organizational Blogs, and Market as Conversations.

Relationship exists between and organization and its key publics and also involve within the exchange of resource between organization. However, blogs have been defined empirically as "frequently modified web pages. Organizational blogs has a similar definition terms with relationship but it focuses on the communication between organizations and their publics. Whereas, Market as a Conversation is a whole different approach in adapting to the demands of emerging online communities and turning away from business strategies that treat online communities as targets.

In order to translate the Conceptualizing Blogs and the Human Voice into more measurable empirical constructs, key characteristics such as Blogs, Organizational blogs, Conversational Human Voice, and Relational Maintenance strategies will be used to help quantify the concepts.

According to Herring (2004) the conceptual definition of blogs consists of five characteristics of Web-based postings such as frequent updating, reverse chronological order, inclusion of personal journal material, ability of readers to add comments and inclusion of hyperlinks.

Whereas Sifry's (2004) has another definition for Organizational Blogs which he indicates it is also a Web Blogs that meet three criteria they are maintained by people who post in an official or semi-official capacity at an organization, endorsed explicitly or implicitly by that organization and thirdly are by the person who posted perceived by publics to be clearly affiliated with the organization.

Searls and Weinberger's...