Organizational Change

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Starbucks Coffee CorporationWhy have businesses such as Starbucks been able to stay on top for so long? In a world filled with our needs and wants changing all of the time, Starbucks has been able to successfully crack the code in organizational change. The ability to be able to foresee their change and develop new ideas and implement these ideas has contributed to the success of their organization. Being able to overcome resistance to the ever-changing process will set them apart from the successful organizations and the organizations that are struggling. As we know, businesses can no longer rely on the success they were able to achieve yesterday; all organizations must be prepared when their customers have new expectations; and in the process call for change. As for some organizations, there are a lot that are on their way down.

As new organizations are built, most if not all that change their efforts fail.

It is becoming clearer that organizations are very capable of creating their own change; but are struggling to implement any kind of change. There are three Cs – customers, competition, and change (Hammer & Champy, 1993). These three Cs have created a whole new idea and world for most businesses and it is becoming obvious that organizations that are built to work in a certain environment are not really built to work in a different environment.

Starbucks Coffee Corporation which is based in Seattle, Washington, has been one of the nation’s premier companies in the last two decades in terms of growth. This growth involves both with physical locations and an ever-increasing customer base. In a country where specialty espresso-based beverages were once considered a niche market, Starbucks has experienced unparalleled growth, tapping into the customer base that was once considered absent in non-European nations. Starbucks...