Organizational Change

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Summary Paper

Montriniki Williams

BUS 610

November 21, 2011

Dwight Reimer




Organizational change is inevitable, at some point this event will take place and many within the organization will not favor the results. Change must happen for organizations to remain viable, this includes strategy changes in people, product, services, and oftentimes the brick and mortar location. Many changes are so large in scope, the change becomes difficult to administer and the intended purpose is quite difficult to accomplish. Leaders must ensure whichever change initiative an organization seeks is understood, accepted, and implemented by all employees. This assignment will include a description of an organizational change and the change management approach. This assignment will also identify key stakeholders and the effect the change will have on them. Additionally, this assignment will focus on the systematic nature of the organization and how the change will improve the effectiveness of the organization, its processes, and the productivity of the employees.


Summary Paper

Successfully accomplishing an organizational change is one of the greater challenges for many organizations. Building an organization that is successful is lengthy in process and effort. Once an organization obtains success, maintaining the success becomes a motivating force. In order to move forward, organizations must focus on what differentiates them from the competition and when change becomes a necessity. According to Kinicki and Kreitner (2009), "major organizational changes can involve the organization's strategy, leadership, culture, work processes, and organizational structure," (p. 400). Although the strategic assumption is that people are the key to success, the way organizations deal with their collective thoughts, fears, beliefs, and anxieties will play an important role in how well the transition conforms.