Organizational change

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Name : YanZhuang

Instructor: Cristina Seaman

Class: MGMT_101_M01

Topic :Organizational Change

Date : 11.13.2014

School : NYIT

Definition: What is Organizational Change

Organizational change is both the process in which an organization changes its structure, strategies, operational methods, technologies, or organizational culture to affect change within the organization and the effects of these changes on the organization. Organizational change can be continuous or occur for distinct periods of time.

Company: Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart began its operations in 1962 with a single location in the mid-western state of Arkansas.This was in a time where grocery stores were beginning to boom in popularity.Since then, the company's growth has exploded to over 8,500 stores and become one of the biggest private employer in the world with over two million employees.Now, Wal-Mart become one of the largest retailer in the world.

Organizational Changes - Growth Business Strategy & Global Marketing

Growth Business Strategy

"Customers make their shopping decisions based on four key dimensions - price assortment, experience and access.

What we can offer them, and how we compete across those dimensions, is changing."(McMillon,2014). Wal-Mart has clear business strategy as their business keep growing globally. They have built its business empire by identifying itself to consumers as a "one-stop shop". They are offering a variety of products and services across departments. Wal-Mart deeply understand consumer's needs. "Walmart's reputation was founded on the principle of providing low prices day-in and day-out on the broadest assortment of merchandise." (Duncan,2011).Low price plays significant role in Wal-Mart business strategy, and it brings so many customers to Wal-Mart. The external force Wal-Mart provides consumer's needs and offer them lower price.


"To be supplied 100 percent by renewable energy; to create zero waste; and to sell products that sustain our resources and the environment."(Scott,2007).Taking care of environmental sustainability...