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Organizational change is a complex process is likely to receive resistance from some; however, when management delivers the positives, resistance is bound to fade. Some salient aspects of organizational change are management will focus on the customers to gain their confidence, focus will on be on the employees to gain their trust, and a relationship will broaden with the suppliers. This paper will describe the organizational change Kodak experienced as a means to maintain success and in this digital driven and diverse economy.

George Eastman's wish was to make "photography as convenient as the pencil" and began by creating the first handheld camera which could take pictures with a push of a button in 1889 (Kodak, 2008). He built the company's success with his own ingenuity and his advertising campaign where he coined the slogan, "you press the button, we do the rest." (Kodak, 2008, para.

28) Since then Eastman and the Kodak brand have been creating film products which enhance both consumer and professional photographers, and Kodak is changing from the traditional company of film and photography and developing into the new "cool" digital company.

The recent changes for Kodak were in their traditional supply chain and introduced their demand-driven model, which proved successful in 2008 (Hickey, 2007). With the CEO and Chairman, Perez stating, "We now have in place our core product portfolio, organizational structure, and leadership team that will take us through the second part of our transformation." (Hickey, 2007, para. 7) Kodak looked at the best practices at Toyota to develop this demand-driven supply chain and with this they created a better approach where they linked customer service and customer segmentation with demand policies instead of sales or forecasting on the demand side. This new plan helped eliminate waste by making...