Organizational Development

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Substantial alteration occurs when an organization amends its general strategy for achievement, adds or removes a major segment or practice, and or desires to modify the very process by which it operates. In order for organizations to expand, they often experience significant change at strategic levels in their evolution. The purpose of this paper is to examine the concept of organizational development, explain the process of organizational development, identify the theories associated with organizational development, and describe the conditions necessary for successful organizational change and development (Jex & Britt, 2008).

The Concept of Organizational DevelopmentOrganizational development evokes a plethora of complex definitions. However, a simple definition is the most productive for this project. The American Heritage Dictionary defines organization as: "a structure through which individuals cooperate to systematically conduct business" (, 2009). Development, according to The American Heritage Dictionary is defined as: "a significant event, occurrence, or change" (,

2009). Therefore, a simple definition of organizational development is: the practice of changing people and organizations for positive growth. According to Jex and Britt (2008), initiating changes that improves organizational performance and individual growth is the objective of organizational development.

The need to survive is one of the most often stated reasons for programs of organizational development. In order to remain a viable, competitor, organizational leaders must make the decision to make necessary changes. Poor organizational performance is another important determinant for change. When an organization that fails to earn a profit for an extended period, or when market shares continually decline, management will often initiate change (Jex & Britt, 2008).

Organizational Development TheoriesMissing from organizational development is a strong theoretical base. As a result a number of observers consider organizational development technology rather than an association with organizational psychology. However, organizational development practitioners have a theory base where practitioners...