Organizational Development

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Organizational Development

Monique Cone


August 23, 2010

Antonio Borrello


Organizational Development

Organizations themselves are ever changing, as are the people in them. The organizations adapt to change better than the people do. People are resistant to change and are comfortable with what they know from past behaviors. Robbins states that, three major aspects of behavior are focused on when examining the behavior of people in work settings. The three aspects are individuals, groups, and structures. When examining individuals, there are three topics that are researched. These are how personality, attitudes, and motivation affect work. There is a lot of attention being paid to the behavior of employees of groups, because of the evolution of team formation over the last few years. Robbins (2008) states that people work under a certain structure (Jex & Britt, 2008).

This is where socialization and the organizational culture affect employees.

Socialization is where an employee joins an organization, and forms expectations about what the organization will do for them, plus what they will do for the organization. The organizational culture is developed over time, and is a pattern of shared values and beliefs. There should be a fit between culture, people, tasks, strategy, and structure. This is why the research on Organizational Behavior is more of a systematic study than just relying on intuition alone. It is believed that Organizational Behavior and Organizational Culture are tied together, and when the two are combined, the outcomes may affect performance (Jex & Britt, 2008).

Organizational development evokes a plethora of complex definitions. However, a simple definition is the most productive for this project. The American Heritage Dictionary defines organization as: a structure through which individuals cooperate to systematically conduct business (, 2010). Development, according to...