Organizational Ethics

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Personal and Organizational Ethics

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Personal and Organizational Ethics

And one Tuesday from the supervisor for me to come to her office so that we can discuss these activities. She told me that I needed to go to the office after hours and I needed to come just to get my paperwork together in the morning. I was okay with this because I wanted to do things the way they wanted me too. I did not see the difference with the way I was doing things but I went with them and done the way he wants me too. Was delivered following Thursday promised about 15 hours worth of time sheet which you have worked before, and there was a note stuck papers say that we had discussed these and they were giving them back to me.

I was angry because they were not going to pay me for that time I had already worked, and they did not tell me this until after I was expecting actually check with those hours on it. To solve this I went to the official, who would be would be able to make changes. She will not pay me for hours already worked, although I would like to just have to learn not to come and do my work hours. Resolve this injustice and I turned in my resignation and told them that if they were not going to pay me because I had already worked hours that I just find somewhere else to work.

We all work together for the common good, but our work requires us to not be physically together. I will do my best to make sure that participate...