Organizational Function of Management

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Organizing Function of Management

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Organizing Function of Management

Success in management is measured by the ability of a management team to forge a bright future for a business or public agency. In general, the bright future indicated before is brought to life through the hard and dedicated work of a well defined management team. Primarily, the goal of most businesses and their management is to produce a profit and reduce loss of revenue or assets, through the sensible management of the operations. Yet another skill that needs to be honed by managers is the ability to use other support managers to help mitigate issues related to employee morale and internal cultural changes of the workforce. Managers must remember that the successful operation of a corporation relies on many different units that carryout the mission of the company through the use of their skills and knowledge (Bateman & Snell, n.d.,

chap. 4). First, this document will discuss the organization function of management of the City of Midland in relation to finance and human resources. Lastly, a discussion of whether the City of Midland has optimized the management of the finance and human resources areas into effective and efficient units.

The City of Midland is a municipality in the Imperial Valley on California's southern border. The city's governing body is made up of five elected council members whom provide direction to the City Manager. The City Manager in turn works with a top-level management team made up of department heads to include finance and human resources. The City of Midland is a dynamic border community with a bedroom population of 38,000 citizens, during the day the population soars up to 100,000 border crossers. With the metropolitan City of Mexicali across...