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Companies use creativity and innovation to reinvent, transform and transition their service and product they offer to accommodate the current market needs and demands. Change can be a tricky situation for companies that do not have an innovative program. Innovation plays a vital role with transitions and modifications for a business strategy that will provide a competitive edge, meeting and exceeding the customer's expectations and lastly the viability of the company.

NikeNike was cultivated in 1962 by founder Phil Knight who saw a gap in the market of athletic shoes. Nike had a profound change on its marketing and product when it introduced the Air Nikes, featuring Michael Jordan, the "Just Do It" slogan and the "Bo Knows" commercial. These innovative factors have made Nike more recognizable and popular to consumers worldwide.

Nike has been able to modify its product and services through its innovative marketing strategy. Nike's Customer Base strategy is taken from the evaluation of its product based on customer benefits, customer needs, and product features.

Nike has succeeded in innovating technology with fashion to cater to customer needs on a global level. Nike currently seeks out innovative ways to create advance athletic product and methods to which speak creatively to the current market. The success of Nike is based on a marketing business model that weighs current factor and trends in the market. If Nike continues to innovate new ideas for there services and product, the organization will be able to maintain their current role in innovative leadership, product development and marketing in the sports-wear industry.

MicrosoftMicrosoft was established in 1975 and has become the world leader in software services, applications, and solutions (Human resource management, 2008). Microsoft leads the way in creativity and innovation providing software and hardware products for individuals and organizations. Microsoft offers product...