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Organizational Impact Paper

Michele Gann

University of Phoenix

Wellington William Jr.


July 17th, 2011

Organizational Impact

Innovation may be a hard concept for some individuals to sell within the organization. Companies have certain ways of conducting business and do not consider new forms of ideas. In the following paragraphs there will be an assessment of the impact of innovation on three types of organizations (Sears, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart) in the home and office entertainment. The impact of strategy, process, product, and services of these organization will also be discussed.

Impact of Innovation

Sears, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart offer entertainment devices such as computers, television, and different types of software. Sears and Best buy offer installation, Wal-Mart does not offer the installation services. The service installation has been around for many years but only to high-end stores that specialize in the entertainment field.

In these stores, such as Sears and Best Buy, customers can expect to pay thousands of dollars and at Wal-Mart not as much money would be spent. The innovation is what has allowed the higher end shops to offer the installation services to the customer base. The impact on this innovation gave companies the ability to tap into a multi-million dollar side of the business world, which is out of reach for companies like Wal-Mart. This offering has created fear in a great deal of smaller organization that offer the same products because of the larger company doing more for less (Best Buy, 2011).

Strategy, Processes, Products, and Services

Sears is the nation's fourth largest broad line retailer with full-line and specialty retail all over the United States and Canada. This organization is the leading home appliance retailer, consumer electronics and automotive center. Sears unique innovation...