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Executive SummaryIn this report we studied the operations of The Resource Group also known as TRG. TRG is the largest IT enabled company of Pakistan. We realized that TRG is paying its employees almost double amount of salary as compared to its competitors, but still there is no job satisfaction among the employees and for any organization in order to meet its organizational objectives operations should be run smoothly.

'Lack of motivation' and 'Organizational Design' are identified as two major problems in The Resource Group. It is diagnosed by looking at reports and one of the Group member Waqas has been a part of this organization for two years.

The problems can be solved by motivating the employees and restructuring the Organizational Design, in the report problems are discussed in detail supported by equity theory and Bureaucratic model. It is suggested that TRG should improve the reward system, delegation of authority, build a flatter structure, and adopt a distinct division of labor and each position should filled by an expert.

1. Introduction1.1 Objectives of the reportThe aim of the report is to identify two organizational behavior issues or problems at The Resource Group-TRG and find the solutions for the issues based on our research. In our analysis, major concern is focused on the call center of TRG.

1.2 Background of The Resource Group -TRGThe Resource Group - TRG was launched after the only U.S. based Contact Center in Pakistan by the name of Alliance Technology was terminated due to September 11, 2001 incident. The vision of the company was to establish a Call Center to cater U.S based businesses. Company started its operations in 2002 and within months they started up climbing the ladder of success and by 2006 it has over $130 million in revenues and...