Organizational Management

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The success of any company depends on organization. Organizing is the process of identifying, specifying and assigning work, grouping work and resources into structure and establishing a chain of command between individuals and groups. Allstate management uses knowledge and human resources to organize and achieve the goals of the company.

An organization is more successful if its employees learn quicker, and implement and commercialize knowledge faster than the workers of the competition. An organization that does not learn continuously and is not able to continuously list, develop, share, mobilize, cultivate, put into practice, review, and spread knowledge will not be able to compete effectively. That is why the ability of an organization to improve existing skills and acquire new ones forms its most tenable competitive advantage.

Knowledge ages rapidly and is liable to wear. That is why one should consistently learn. Learning is a continuous personal transformation. It is a cumulative process of the continuous actualization of your knowledge.

Allstate's commitment to lifelong learning is important to assure that the knowledge, skills, and abilities of employees will be capable of meeting the challenges of the future. The Allstate's Professional Education Policy is a strategy for developing competent human resources who will enable Allstate to achieve its long-term goals. It makes good business sense for Allstate to provide monetary assistance when employees pursue professional education. Employees tend to perform their jobs more effectively, to prepare themselves to perform more responsible work, to advance in their careers with Allstate, or to maintain or enhance their professional knowledge and competence.

Allstate also offers an online Learning Resource Network. This network is a wide assortment of self-paced, interactive online courseware available to employees (interpersonal, PC and technology). It is an integral tool for employee's personal and professional development.

Since it is imperative to constantly...