Organizational Philosophies and Technology

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Orlando International Airport is a subsidiary entity of the local government City of Orlando. Ethics plays a huge role in its daily operations. Ethics are now controlled by modern technology. In 1949, George Orwell published the novel "1984" depicting what the future would bring us and how technology would affect our lives daily. He may have been a little too extreme with his vision but he was not too far off. Everything a person does may be caught on film or recorded to video or simply monitored and recorded to a file. Emails, website browsing, and telephone conversations are just a few of the common daily activities employees engage in that may be monitored at any given time. Companies, such as the airport, monitor such activities to ensure safety and maintain proper ethics.


Ethics provide a sound mind when running a business and are put in place with hopes to conduct a business full of equality.

Most companies communicate important messages and information electronically, or also known as email. Ethically emails should be used for business purposes and maybe once in a while to break up the monotony with a little office humor. Employees typically load one another's email with approximately 2.8 billion emails each day (L. & Tech., Duke, 2006). These staggering figures make one wonder how much work is getting finished throughout the course of a day. Emails are easy to send and receive and could make communicating within the office or outside of the office more effective, if the sole purpose was for that.

Many employees might not be aware that email monitoring is happening in their workplace, but in today's workplace one could almost bet on it. Employees now have a major concern for their privacy using emails. Monitoring workers and their emails is...