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This essay is about the importance of Maintaining clarity about organizational priorities, goals, and objectives. This is important as to make sure employees who are responsible for making decisions are aware of the organization's direction. The organization should clearly state the direction of the organization in terms of priorities, goals, and objectives. This process alleviates confusion amongst employees and allows for decision making in line with the current direction of the organization.

A clear defined direction is important for managers. This allows for not only the manager to make decisions in line with the goals of the organization but also for the manager to communicate the desired path which the organization is following. This allows for less confusion on decision making.

In my opinion I believe this is a very important aspect of organization. Without a clearly articulated set of priorities, goals, and objectives management can not be effective. Uncertainty amongst employees can lead to confusion and a decline in productivity.

For this reason I believe organizations should make clear their current direction.

Managers must use their power to define the goals of the organization. Bolman writes "the negative face is power as exploitation and personal dominance. The positive face is power as a means of creating vision and collective goals" (206/1991). Communicating goal to employees is necessary for objectives to be completed in the proper way.

Maintaining clarity and organizational priorities, goals, and objectives is very important in public administration. Public managers must be able to clearly communicate what they expect out of their employees. Through the use of effective communication managers should be able to define policies and goal to employees. In doing so employees will be better suited to make day to day decision based on the direction of the organization.

The importance of this guideline is...