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Compare and contrast ?Hierarchical and pyramidal? and ?flat? organizational structures. Identify some strengths and weaknesses of each.

In hierarchical and pyramidal structures the common thing is to create a manual and enforce it to those below you. All rules are enforced from above which causes the communication to be formal. The flat structure, on the other hand, realize it is impossible for high management to be able to think of all the problems the bottom may have to face. In contrast, the hierarchial and pyramoridal structure, the flat structure allows for fewer rules and a greater flow of information, which allows communication to be high. A disadvantage to this, is that there are to many layers of management. To many managers create misallocations of resources. The flat structure seems to be more flexable and reduces the layers of beauracracy. Both structure need some form of leadership, however many companies tend to switch f rom big to small hierarchies.

What are the major advantages of the network organizational structure currently utilized by the Fluor Daniel Corporation? Fluor?s Daniels organizational structure is based mutual trust and teamwork. Each group is dependant on each other in order to make things work. It is capable of stretching its structure to help different clients. It is flexible to respond to change and capitalize on it.

Evaluate the statement made by the Northwest executive Barry Kotar. ?Were not in the position of making decisions as to how this company is going to be run.? Northwest believes that not all decisions should come from the top, down. Not all those people who are put into the boardroom to make decisions should come from the top levels. Those employees who work directly with the customers should be able to make decisions. The top sets the policies, however,