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The year 2006 I started a bulk vending machine company called Chump Change Inc. It was an exciting time for me, as it was my first real business. My plan was real simple, find quality bulk vending machines at great prices and find excellent locations to place my vending machines so they can be profitably. Fast forward to today, now I have 145 bulk vending machines and I make a decent income through them. The problem with bulk vending is you will never get rich doing it, and I can't really leverage my time that well since I do have to service the machines myself at least once or twice a month. So I decided to start an online business.

In February 2009 I started a website called My number one strategy to this online business is to provide content. As Google states on their website content is king.

I knew going into to building this online business if I provided good content teaching people and giving them advice on how to start and maintain a bulk vending route I would be successful. My organizational strategy was to be the authority on bulk vending and when anybody searched for bulk vending help or tips, they would find my site. My strategy in the first year is to be a totally information site and not sell any hard goods, just give quality information that people can use to start a bulk vending business if they choose.

The next strategy is to get traffic to my website. In online businesses it doesn't matter how flashy your site is, or how much quality you have, if you don't have traffic your site will be one of the millions out there receiving zero traffic. When deciding on how to get traffic to my...