Organizational Structures

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The three organizational structures selected for analysis are relatively new in organizations and are identified as team based, matrix and project based organizational structures. In the past organizational structures were very restrictive and job definitions, and work and tasks allocated were all decided and implemented by the management. The prevalent belief was that workers did not really want to perform his task or duties and it was up to the manager to ensure that the task was completed. The new organizational structures identified and being discussed in this paper however place great emphasis on the role of the employee and the ability of the employee to complete the required tasks in the manner desired. Chandler postulated that a firm's structure is, in time, determined by its strategy and that the common denominator of structure and strategy is the enterprise's resources to market demand. (Chandler, 1962) The total organizational environment played an important role in guiding and directing the organization towards fulfillment of these specific goals and tasks.

A structural relationship is one in which the various parts act upon each other, and consequently generate particular types of behavior in the organization. (Fritz, 1996)Team based organizational structures is often used as they are better suited to flatter and more lean organizations. It is important to ensure that the team for any specific task comprises members who are knowledgeable and posses the required skills needed to carry out the task. Teams should also try to work across organizational boundaries/levels and break down internal barriers and deal with people and issues directly and avoid hidden agendas from both within the group and from external sources. (Harmon-Jones & Mills, 1999) Planning and creating a team without a definite purpose and timeline can spell disaster for the team even before it is created. Teams...