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Organizational Systems Analysis and Performance Scorecard Diagnosis and Design

March 3, 2008


Information and Analysis System and Performance Scorecard Diagnosis and Design

Organizational effectiveness scholars E. Lawler and G. Worley (2006) provide evidence on how effective high-involvement work practices enhance performance and increased company profits. These practices are power, information, knowledge, and rewards. The authors discuss organizations' need to change. Those organizations that do not change will not be able to adapt. Lawler and Worley state that a good leader views the corporation [organization] "as a community of people...connected by a shared sense of identity and purpose." Texas Nameplate Company (TNC) connects by a shared sense of identity and purpose, which acknowledges TNC as a 1998, and 2004 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Winner. This learner reviews how TNC uses Information, Analysis, and Performance Measurement Diagnosis and Intervention to maintain an effective organization.


Successful leadership and organizational effectiveness requires acquiring additional knowledge, skills, and abilities (Herman & Reichelt, 1998).

TNC achieves key organization results through measurement, analysis, and improvement of organizational performance, which are section 4 of the Baldrige criteria. TNC purchased new computers and data software that compares the competition in the marketplace. TNC no longer shares a C: drive with the workforce, but now has incorporated a Local Area Network (LAN) to access information and maintain security measures. TNC created The New Hotrod (Hotrod) a Web-browser-based Intranet that integrates and updates Web pages to keep internal and external customers informed. The Hotrod system is also a search engine that can find and compare TNC's to the competition. The new Hotrod system allows TNC real time access to rich data that is significant to measure organization performance.

TNC embeds the Baldrige Criteria section 7 Results. Positive results are the focus on business growth with the use of...