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University of PhoenixTEC401 Human Factors in TechnologyBSABOBHEIO TEC/401August 3, 2009 Team B has decided to use AT&T as the organization for the "Organizational Technology Plan paper." The technology plan includes an overview of the company, a current technology assessment and a discussion of the company's value chain analysis.

OverviewThe root of the organization can be traced as far back as 1875 when the founder of the organization, Alexander Graham Bell, created the telephone. AT&T had become the oldest organization of the bell system, the telephone of America, in the 19th century (AT&T, 2009). In 1905 AT&T was in highly desirable financial shape; many believed the financial status of the company was due to overcharging the subscribers. In 1966 AT&T had one million employees and three million stockholders. In 1965 the organization had about 85% of the consumers from the area where the company was present (, 2009).

The world's greatest phone service was provided by the bell system.

The system had broken up into eight different companies with the agreement of the United States Justice Department and AT&T in the year 1984 (AT&T, 2009). "From 1984 until 1996 AT&T was an integrated telecommunications services and equipment company, succeeding in a newly competitive environment" (AT&T, 2009).

AT&T is the leading global network today, with attention on providing IP based solutions to government and enterprise consumers. AT&T has turned from the normal customer service. The organization offers small businesses and consumers an alternative breakthrough to traditional services - IP or Voice (AT&T, 2009). In 2005 AT&T merged with South Western Bell.

Current Technology AssessmentAT&T Labs has been an innovator through the years. The inventors took part in creating the new technologies and producing promising new services and products. The new ideas ranged from the optical technology and IP network manager to automatic...