Organizational Terminology and Concepts

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Organization behavior is about people at work in all kinds of organizations and how people work together as a successful team. Organizations often encourage change to meet the ever increasing demands that are necessary to succeed; there is the constant need to be more efficient in their respect environments. Through theses changes there may be some negative results that no one had planned on or anticipated. Understanding organizational behavior is a skill set that helps to minimize the negative effects of change. Understanding the terminology and concepts such as organizational behavior, organizational culture, diversity, communication, organizational effectiveness and efficiency, and organizational learning are the first steps in using these skills.

Organizational behavior the study is the study of human behavior in organizations. Organizational behavior or OB for short is the understanding of individual and group behavior in organizations. The dynamic and personal process associated with a group activity. Gaining an understanding of this behavior will provide the insights needed to develop a better understanding about not only myself but also others in the organization.

Along with the behaviors associated with an organization the members of the organization have shared beliefs and values that will influence the behaviors or the organizations. This shared beliefs system is called organizational culture. The culture of an organization will develop as members and experiences impact the organization, this developing culture guides the group's behavior.

Part of a healthy developing organizations culture is diversity. The organizations ability to respect diversity in the group is critical to building inclusiveness. Different educations, genders, age, ethnicity, race etc. within the organization provide a well balance and a group that is skilled at working with others. To share beliefs, to build understanding, to be able to include everyone in the group the organization must be able to communicate.