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What is organizational behavior? What is organizational culture? What is diversity? What is communication? What is business ethics? What is change management? Why are organizational behavior and culture important to major businesses today? Why is diversity so important within my organization? Why are business ethics important to not only workers but management in my organization? These are question which have been addressed and assigned in my management class this week. These are also questions which will be answered in this paper today, and how these terms relate to the organization where I am currently employed.

According to Wikipedia, an online and free encyclopedia, Organizational behavior is the study of human behavior in organizations. Organizational behavior is also the first step in what makes up an organization. My opinion is an organizational behavior is about people working and communicating together to become more effective and efficient. This is where policies and procedures of various organizations come into effect.

They are in place to ensure not only staff and managers adhere to various methods but for the organization to run as smoothly as possible.

Currently I am employed with a company in the North Dallas, Texas area. The company is called Flowserve Corporation. Flowserve is a global supplier in pumps, seals and valves supporting various industries including oil, gas, and chemical www.flowserve,com. I never truly paid much attention to our organizational behavior until recently. During my first management class this question was posed and this question was very hard to answer. Now, I can honestly say Flowserve's organizational behavior is much about employees following various policies and procedures to make a better organization. Employees have to take training course on a quarterly basis to ensure these procedures are enforced.

Organizational culture is a second factor of what makes up an organization.