Organized Crime in the 1920's

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Organized crime flourished during the 1920's. This was largely due to prohibition. There was a number a people that particularly stood out during this time as mob figures.

Alphonse Capone is one of the greatest mob figures ever known in the United States. He represents organized crime in the 1920's and would be a crime of its own to not mention him when talking about crime in the 1920's. Some of his nicknames were "Big Al", "Snorky", and "Scareface". He was born Jan 17 1899 in Brooklyn, NY. Al joined the Five Points Gang, which was run by Johnny Torrio at a young age in 1915. After a while there was some tension between Johnny, Capone and other members of the gang because it seemed like everyone except Johnny saw the importance of taking advantage of prohibition. Although it was never proven, it was rumored that Capone himself took place in the murder (Kelly 47-48).

When Big Al finally rose to the top, he had the support of most of the American people because of prohibition.

During the 1920's, prohibition not only caused people to disregard the 18th amendment but also many other laws. Most people didn't really respect the law; even many of the people in the police force were corrupt. The police often worked hand in hand with the criminals; they would tip the criminals on raids, fix trials, and ignore general criminal activity. The Police were often bribed and if that didn't work then they would be killed (Kelly 245). During the 1920's, there were a few people that were almost above the law. This made people like Big Al very rich. Alphonse Capone's business made around $105 million in 1927 when he was just 28 years old (La Cosa Nostra).

One of the most...