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The on-going problem with violent crimes committed by Asian, and Latin gangs in North America has escalated over the past decade. When using the term Asian, or Latin, this includes many ethnic groups such as Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Columbian, Mexican, Cuban, just to name a few. In this paper, I will discuss the similarities between the Asian, and Latino Organized Crime operations. Since there are many different organizations within the Asian, and Latino crime operations, I will focus on Columbian organized crime, specifically the Medellin Cartel, and the Asian organized crime group, the Triads.

HistoryBefore I can clearly explain the history of the Medellin Cartel, I must give a brief history on the Columbians, and their nation. Columbia is a nation of about 26 million people. It is a country that has been torn in two by riots, wars, and Marxist leaders since 1948, when a leftist mayor named Bogotá, was assassinated in front of thousands of loyal supporters.

Furious, his supporters rioted for three days, which led to a Civil War, and cost over 300,000 lives in three years. During this time, according to Bowden, "In Colombia, it wasn't enough to hurt or even kill your enemy; there was a ritual to be observed." Rape had to be performed before family members: "And before you killed a man, you first made him beg, scream, and gag … or first you killed those he most loved before his eyes. To amplify fear, victims were horribly mutilated and left on display.… Children were killed not by accident but slowly, with pleasure." (Bowden 2002). Because the Columbians were able to import coca from Peru and Bolivia, and ship the finished product to the United States via land or sea, they were able to control the cocaineCrime 3.

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