What Organized Labor Means To Me

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The working class is the backbone of our society. Organized Labor is the backbone of the working class. It is the sacred duty of every society to support and defend its workers in any possible way. It is the duty of society to make sure that its workers enjoy decent working conditions, equitable salary scales, and health and retirement programs that reflect their hard work and devotion. Organized Labor has done exactly that in America. It has played a most important role in the advancement of the state of the worker in many different areas. It has been instrumental in the formulations and passing of fundamental health legislation like Medicare, Medicaid and the Occupational Safety and health act. It has actively participated in the designing and the passing of legislation on benefits like the Employee Retirement Act and the Family Medicare Leave Act. It is continuously engaging in battles for better schools, secure health care, and pensions for retired workers.

It is always there when issues come up like environment (clean air and water), better health and safety standards for the workplace, better worker's compensation, unemployment insurance laws, and taxes.

I have recently learned that Organized Labor is actively involved in the designing and development of work-based training programs for the youth of America. In support of this greatly innovative idea, the School-to-Work Opportunities Act of 1994 proposes that the various school-to-work concerns employ representatives of organized labor in the development, implementation, and administration of a school-to-work system. Consequently, every state, regional, and local school-to-work partnership should make specific efforts to involve union representatives in the design and implementation of the various proposed systems.

I am proud of the fact that I live in a country where Organized Labor plays such a positive and decisive role in the life of the workers. Although I am an American-born Chinese, I can immediately estimate the value of labor unions by comparing our country's accomplishments with the dismal working conditions of the Chinese people. God bless America.