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Management: Theory, Practice, and Application MGT/330

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Human resources are a significant function within an organization. In order for an organization to succeed, it must be sure that human resources are equipped with a plan that is well organized for recruiting and retaining valuable employees. Planning and organizing is a necessity to be certain the right kinds of employees, equipped with the right skills, are obtained and capable of carrying out the organization's strategic plans. In order to obtain the right employees, another area that must be planned and organized is Monetary. Recruiting, retaining, and compensating employees must be planned and organized due to the various types or recruiting, retaining, and compensating options that are available to organizations. Each of these functions go hand-in-hand with each other and will be reviewed.

Human Resource

Organizations face competition everyday and in order to succeed they must find any edge they can to surpass their competition.

Products and service alone will not set an organization ahead of another if both have the same products and the same level of service; one must have an advantage over the other. One advantage that can set an organization ahead is the resources that it possesses in its employees. Recruiting and retaining the most valuable and skilled employees is a function that must be well planned and organized by human resources.

Human resources must have a well-organized plan for recruiting employees. There are activities that are involved in the staffing function of human resources. These activities must be organized and they consist of recruitment and selection. Recruitment can be done through internal resources by promoting from within or external resources such as advertisements, referrals, or internet job postings. The selection process follows recruitment and involves making the decision of...