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The Organizing Function of Management

At Marshals the way of organizing the function of management is very important. If managers do not stay functional and organized then the company could take a very large toll. Management is extremely significant because managers are who run the company. Also organization is vital to the business in every aspect whether it be human resources, technology, monetary, or knowledge. If managers did not have a structured plan every portion of the company would crumble one by one.

Monetary management is very important to a company like marshals, because they bring in billions of dollars and every bit of that money has to be accounted for. To keep the money well organized and balanced, management logs how much money is made that day and also breaks it down into how each transaction was paid for. All checks and credit cards are automatically deposited into the companies account.

Then they go and subtract all of that from the day's total. Whatever is left is part of the daily safe audit. At all times managers should make sure the company has five thousand dollars in cash in the safe what ever is left goes into the deposit. Everyday the safe is audited to be sure that it is staying balanced.

Human Resources is the key to the company, if there were nobody to run the store, than there would be no point in event trying to make money. A retail store can not be run by computers; it needs employees to operate it. That is where human resources comes in. In order to control a functional store, management must be very organized and aware when it involves human resources. Managers have to pay attention to payroll hours, such as making sure all associates are getting...