The Organizing Function of Management

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Organizing is the function of management that deals with the gathering and sorting of resources that an organization needs in order to achieve the organizations goals effectively and efficiently. (McNamara, 1997-2007) The organization function is what develops the structure of the organization in reaching its goals. Organizing is how an organization uses its resources to assign authority figures, divide the work into specific departments and tasks, and to coordinate different tasks within the organization that need to be done, in order for the organization to reach its goal. Organizational structure can be defined as, the division of duties, authority and responsibilities within an organization among its members. An organizations structure will have a deep impact on how well the organization succeeds.

Organizations today have to be open-minded. In today's world, an organization has to be open to change and be willing to change rules that had been set earlier on, in order for their organization to succeed.

In addition, the organization has to prepare their management staff for change, and encourage the staff to find better methods toward improvement, and to implement those methods. An organization with a decentralized structure is prepared for change because lower level managers have the authority to make important decisions and changes when needed. Hamilton Valley Corporation uses a decentralized organization.

Hamilton Valley Corporation is located in Burnett Texas. Although I have not worked for this company, I have had the chance to observe their business practices. Hamilton Valley Corporation owns and manages one hundred and sixty complexes throughout the state of Texas. Their complex's range from thirty five units to seventy units per complex. Hamilton Valley Corporation staff consists of the owners, supervisors, and apartment complex managers. What makes them stand out among many other complexes I have been to is how the...