Organizing Function of Management

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IntroductionOrganizing is paramount in any company or organization but is of particular importance in today's business world. Companies that are a success are in a perpetual cycle of organizing to ensure that its operations and procedures are designed in such a way to maximize efficiency and productivity. In this paper I will explore how the United States Air Force (AF) uses the organizing function of management to maintain its operational readiness by maintaining its human resources and physical assets.

Prior to discussing the organizing function I must first define what organizing is. The encyclopedia defines organizing as "the management function that usually follows after planning, and it involves the assignment of tasks, the grouping of tasks into departments and the assignment of authority and allocation of resources across the organization" (Organizing, 2005). The main focus of the organizing function for the management team is the coordination, delegation of tasks and responsibility, and control of assigned duties which will set the pace of operations within the company.

In addition, it is in the organizing phase that management teams need to identify new jobs and responsibilities, gather and assign resources, and recruit perspective employees who are highly skilled to the company. Last but not least, the organizing function of management arranges the physical, as well as the human and other resources needed to reach the company's goals that were set in the planning phase.

Human ResourcesWith an idea of what the organizing function is, let's look at how the AF employs this function by explaining the recruitment process and how the AF uses it to organize human resources. The organization function is possibly one of the most important to the AF due to its physical size. Only through proper organization can the military divide the responsibilities to lower command groups that can...