Organizing Function of Management at Dorfman Pacific

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The organizing function of management is often considered one of the major functions of management. A business requires all parts within their organization to be structured in order to ensure productivity and departmental stability. Within an organization, many departments can be formed. The departments within a successful organization will intermingle to achieve the organization's goals. Dorfman Pacific first opened their doors in 1921 as s Dorfman Hat and Cap Company. With over 80 years of experience in the headwear and handbag industry, they have gained the trust and business of many well-known companies, such as, Scala, the NFL, and Disney. Organization has been a crucial element in the continued success of Dorfman Pacific. This paper will discuss how the organizing function of management relates to technology and monetary issues in the Dorfman Pacific organization.

Dorfman Pacific is continuously finding new ways to advance their technology in order to boost production.

In 2001, the CEO Douglass Highsmith said, "We've got to constantly improve the technology applications of our company" (Wailgum, 2007). Until 2001, Dorfman Pacific was a paper-based company. With their quick expansion in 2001, their 100,000 square-foot warehouse proved to be too small and inefficient. In order to meet customer demands, Dorfman Pacific performed a total revamp of their operations, including a complete IT renovation inside the warehouse. Dorfman Pacific got rid of paper and began working on the wireless system. Douglass Highsmith helped Dorfman Pacific reorganize the company's interior layout, shipping and receiving departments, the equipment the workers used and the IT systems. The new organization system also greatly improved efficiency within the company. To get the new wireless system off the floor, Dorfman Pacific hired an outside consultant to act as project manager. Managers from the purchasing department, distribution center, purchasing, customer service and sales made up the...