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The organizing function of management can be defined as creating a structured plan in order to set the direction of an organization, human resources, knowledge, technology and so forth in a strategic manner toward achieving set goals (Bateman T., and Snell S., 2007). Managers in network marketing organizations are responsible for setting the standard in creating a working structure for organizing human resources and knowledge to create a productive working atmosphere. The purpose of this paper is to explain the organizing function of management in respect to Pre-Paid Legal independent associate's (managers) as it relates to human resources and knowledge.

Organizing human resources plays a key role in a Pre-Paid Legal independent associate's network marketing success. One might even say that organizing human resources is the back bone to network marketing organizations of all types. While many associates make a good income just from marketing PPL services the true money lies in building a successful down-line.

This is where the organizing function of management relating to human resources comes into play.

Each PPL Independent Associate is responsible for acquiring his or her own recruits and training and managing his or her own down-line. This takes a fair amount of personal as well as physical organization on the part of the independent associate. PPL has coordinated with Video Plus to come up with the My-Tyme Success Planner that is a must have for all serious associates.

The My-Tyme Success Planner, more commonly referred to as the little black book, holds associates daily and monthly planning schedules along with several business tools such as: contact manager, personnel profiles, business goals, communication and so forth to help associates organize human resources and individual associate knowledge base.

Independent associates use the contact manager to keep track of source information. Each time an associate...