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The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the organizing function of management within the Verizon organization. This paper will explore the Verizon organization and how it uses technology, knowledge and human resources in the management of the organization. This paper will reflect what the Verizon organization does in the management process to ensure a successful business. This paper will show examples of how technology, knowledge and human resource management are used within the organization.

Verizon is sponsoring an innovative T.V. series, "My Home 2.0," this series will transform two ordinary families' homes into technology wonderlands (N.A. 2008)". The purpose My Home 2.0", a reality-based program, is to show families how they can realize the full potential of technology to improve their lives. Each show will give a family desperately in need of new technology a complete high-tech makeover, upgrading their home with the latest networking, home entertainment and gaming technology and products available.

Among all the gadgets Verizon will include FiOS services there new fiber optic cable systems. Two families The Royer and Porters will be in the first to be featured in upcoming episodes of the series. "This project is a great opportunity to show how technology can enhance people's lives," said Karl Gneiting, Verizon's director of marketing for Verizon's Central region (N.A.,2008). "Verizon's new all fiber network FiOS and its services help great technology work even better."Verizon delivers FiOS Internet and TV services over the company are the company's entire digital, fiber optic powered network straight to consumers' homes. The show is modeled after popular shows such as "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and "Mythbusters," "My Home 2.0" brings the world of high tech into the homes of regular families. Segments will feature an energetic trio of technology gurus dispatched to analyze each family's particular situation,