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Organizing is one of the major functions of management. The organizing function of management defines each position or category of positions on the department. To establishing the internal organizational structure of an organization one has to organize. So within the organization one has to focus on its division, coordination, and control of tasks and also the flow of information. The managers in my department always share and divide the responsibility and authority to the within the staff members. This is because organizing can be seen as the activities to collect and configure resources in order to implement plans in a highly effective and efficient fashion.

Our management has to make decisions due to the fact that we have around thirty staff members in our department. Being that we are not a small group we have to have some organizational alternatives. We have six organizational chart alternatives for our department it shows who reports to whom.

Having an organizational structure is very important in an organization where each department has multiple roles.


When it comes down to knowledge, the goal of our human resources is to ensure that the hospital determines the qualifications and competencies for all staff, individuals such as employees, contractors, or temporary agency personnel who provide services in the organization, positions based on its mission, population, and care, treatment, and services. Organizations must also provide the right number of competent staff to meet patients' needs. To meet this goal, the hospital has to carry out certain processes and activities. They are as follows:

a. They have to provide an adequate number of staff because the hospital determines the appropriate level of staffing to fulfill its mission and meet the needs of the population that it served.

b. The hospital also should make sure that there is an...