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Organizing is one of the major functions of management. The organizing function of management defines each position or category of positions on the department. To establishing the internal organizational structure of an organization, one has to organize. Nowadays, the significance of management organizing is the most valuable tool for the success of many organizations. Organizations place a huge importance on quality performance improvement efforts, operation of information technology and management challenges. For many reasons organizations organize the functions of management throughout the entire organization. One of the major organizational functions is establishing structure and implementing broad set of tasks as well as the functions needed to accomplish those tasks. The organizational completion of established structure helps to ensure that employees know what is expected of them, hold them accountable for results, and empower them to do their job.

Being self-employed for two companies, I know the importance of organizing functions of management is critical.

I have a plumbing business and I'm also partners with a financial company, which is called World Financial Group (WFG). In this paper, I'm going to mostly discuss WFG due to this company is larger than the plumbing. If the managers at WFG don't stay functional and organized then the business could take a turn, which will not be in any persons favor. Management is extremely significant because managers are who run the company. Organization is very important to the business in every aspect whether it be monetary, human resources, knowledge or technology. If managers didn't have a structured plan every portion of the company, gradually the company can fall apart. Motivation and commitment from individuals within the team environment is a key aspect of developing self-directed teams. "When necessary, individuals in a team will set aside their own work to assist other members...