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Organizing is a major function in any management setting. The function of organizing in management defines each category or position or in each department. To establishing internal organizational structure of a company, organization has to be established as soon as possible.

The significance of management organizing is a very valuable tool for the success of many companies. Businesses place a huge importance on quality and performance improvement efforts. A major function of organizing is establishing structure and implementing a set of tasks as well as the functions needed to accomplish the tasks. The organizational structure helps to ensure that employees know what is expected of them, will hold them accountable for their actions, and empower them to do their job.

Being in a family of one that is self-employed it is clear that the importance of organizing functions of management is critical. The business consists of cellular equipment and technology.

If the managers at company do not stay functional and organized then the business could take a turn, a negative one which will not be in any persons favor. Management is significant because managers are the ones who basically run the company. Organizational skills are very important to the business in whether it be human resources, monetary, technology, or knowledge. If managers are not structured and have no plan, every portion of the company, gradually can fall apart. Motivation and commitment from individuals within the team environment is a key aspect of developing self-directed teams. "When necessary, individuals in a team will set aside their own work to assist other members of the team." (Strategies for Developing an Effective Team PARENT SITES, 2007) Commitment develops as team members begin to personalize their involvement and take ownership for the team's success, this has been found to be an effective means of...