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AbstractOrganizing is important in today's business world. Successful companies have a standard practice of organizing session to ensure that operations and procedures are maximize efficiency and productivity. By making sure that the proper procedures and people are in place to maintain a high quality of organization, companies are setting themselves up to succeed and will most likely enjoy a long fruitful future.

Organizing PaperOrganizing is important in many companies it is particular importance in business today. Successful companies have standard practice conducting organizing sessions to ensure that operations and procedures are maximize to its efficiency and productivity. Companies that are not organized can have wasted efforts, the lost productivity and unsatisfied employee. This paper will discuss the organization function of management as it relates to human resources at Family Service Foundation and how the function of management relates various departments.

Organizing is the function of management that includes the development of the organizations structure and human resources is needed to ensure the accomplishment of those goals.

Human Resource is an important department to any organization. The management's style in human resources will determine if a company will be successful as it grows. The staffing of right people for the right positions is vital to future growth. The organization chart represents the structure of the organization. The organization charts is a graphic representation of the chain of command within the organization. The human resources department plays a vital role in the company's structure. The H.R. department takes in consideration the needs of the company and its' employees. The human resource department must decide on the duties and responsibilities of individual jobs as well as the manner in which the duties should be carried out. Organizing is done on numerous levels within the organization. Some levels are require to decide how best...