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It can be said that the communication skills undoubtedly play key roles deciding the sustainability and development of any organization. The efficiency in communication thus can ensure information is transferred in a continuous process within an organization, particularly between its departments which enhances the range of knowledge among staffs and the management effectiveness as well. The reality of most of the organizations in some recent reports, however, reveals some worrying problems in setting an effective inter-departmental communication that leads organizations to the risk of getting unproductive (Schuetz & Bloch 2006; Tourish & Hargie 2004). Thus, it can be said that despite the importance of communication is perceived since early studies, most of the managers are struggling in seeking effective communication strategies for their companies and this problem will become more problematic until the action is taken. This essay therefore will explain some of the major reasons for why poor communication between departments can have a detrimental impact to the organization efficiency.

Also, possible solutions which to reduce this growing phenomenon in the future will be outlined and explored based on personal and others experts perspectives.

Unsurprisingly these days, communication skills represent one of the key factors to the effectiveness within an organization. Whether managers or ordinary employees at any organization, the better they communicate, the better working relationships they will gain. Effectively implemented communication plans, therefore, can bring back plenty of positive effects such as higher employee morale, greater quality of information among employees, lower gossip and over time can improve employee commitment, loyalty and reduce turnover as well. Conversely, communication breakdowns between departments within a company can decrease productivity, resulting in the increasing management cost and the industrial unrest. According to Tourish & Hargie (2004, p.131) it was Rosenfeld who in 1995 states that the main reason for the...