Orgnizational Strategies

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TASK ONE: Individual Organisational Case Paper (company a) The purpose of the Individual Organisational Case Paper is to practice applying what you have learned to improve HR practices in a real organisation. You will become very familiar with how a single organisation conducts one HR function and thoroughly describe their practices in that area. Then you will evaluate their current practices, make recommendations as to how the function might be done better, and create specific tools to enable the improvement. In essence, you are writing a case study of an organisation's HR practices in your chosen function together with a consultant's report on how it might be done better. Each of you will select one of the following five HR functions by the end of Week 3: Recruiting, Selection, Training & Development, Performance Appraisal/Performance Management, Remuneration/Incentives. You will locate and choose one organisation, and in some instances one job category within that organisation, and thoroughly explore how that organisation conducts that function with respect to that job category.

For instance, you might choose the function of Recruitment and explore how new university graduate trainees (a single job category) are recruited by Westpac Bank (a single organisation). Or you might choose the function of Training and Development and explore how casual retail staff are trained at the Hungry Jacks in Surfer's Paradise. You must be able to access fairly detailed information about what your chosen company does with respect to the HR function of interest. You may be able to gain this information by interviewing a manager or HR specialist in that organisation. You may be able to gain access to a family business with which you are associated. You may work for an organisation and be able to access information in that way, though you may need to ask for...