Oriental Healing

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Recently in America a new type of health care has been gaining popularity. This is the practice of Oriental Medicine (OM). OM was most influenced by the Taoists. These were a group of people living in Asia since 200 BCE. They separated themselves from society and moved to the mountains. Here they learned from the natives how to live by following nature. The most essential part was Qi, which is leading a long and healthy life. There are nine traditional branches of OM. They are: Meditation, Dietetics, Herbs, Movement, Acupuncture, Sexual Practices, Massage, Feng Shui, and Numerology. Meditation is most important because it is a unique way to gather energy for yourself. Dietetics is important because food is an influential part of daily life. Proteins are building foods, fruits are cleansing foods and grains are neutral. Herb treatment follows dietetics because if one does not have healthy eating routines, than the herbs can not work to their full capacity.

The way a person moves is essential to healthy living, if movements are right than Qi can flow freely. Acupuncture is the most popular part of OM; the flow of Qi is affected by insertion of needles into certain points of the body. Acupuncture can have no real affect without the use of the other methods. Sometimes a person cannot heal their own blockage, massages by others can help free up the Qi. Blockages can also be affected by the position of important items in a person's life, Feng Shui can help. If nothing else works it could be forces of nature and a psychic reading may solve the problem. Many doctors today are combining Oriental practices with traditional Western medicine. This has helped many patients who had illnesses that could not be identified and treated.

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