The Orientation Problem

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Question 1: Describe the nature and causes of the orientation problem in this case:

a) The number of hours, which new letter carriers has taken to case and deliver routes maybe were long because they did no help and support of any kind has been offered.

b) The new letter carriers has been shifted from route to route because of lack of written materials about route's particular order and the time which to took.

c) Little knowing about various areas covered by various routes because of only helped a little from supervisors.

d) The letter carriers were all stressed-out and workings overtime themselves because of no written materials.

Question 2: What types of orientation for new employees should direct supervisors provide at the work site? I think there are two types of orientation for new employees:

a) Work unit orientation: Before the arrival of the new employees, the supervisor should inform the work group that a new worker is joining the unit.

After that, the supervisor familiarizes the employees with their jobs, and their work units. In this case, the direct supervisor provide all the necessary information about the particular facility, the personnel at the facility, the area covered by the route or routes and the additional written information such as the employee handbook and union contract.

b) Organization orientation: The supervisor should inform to the new employees about the organization's objectives, history, philosophy, procedures, and rules.

Question 3: What training methods should be used to train the supervisors, assuming approval of the proposal? Because the supervisors belong to the management, therefore in my opinion, the training methods should be used to train the supervisors contains:

a) On-the-job Experiences: The supervisors can be trained by actual practice and experience. From that, they can learn from their mistakes and their experiences...