The Origin Of Grabbits

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One day in Ju Ju Land, a small congo outside of Willa Willa, a large group of gorillas were parading down an alley. The leader of the parading gorillas decided he wanted a flute made of solid gold, but he didn't have the cash. So, he ordered his band of gorillas to pawn all of their stereos and jewlery. In response to this insane act the gorillas chased him out of the congo.

He then decided he would travel to Australia. There he met a small kangaroo who told him for a small monthly fee he would give him a ride in his pouch. The gorilla liked the ride until the kangaroo asked for the fee. The kangaroo was enraged when the gorilla told him that he had no money to pay him with. The kangaroo quickly rounded up a clan of jackles to catch the gorilla. The gorilla was again ran from the area.

He figured he may be able to change his appearance and not be noticed back in the congo. He bought a blond wig and a tuxedo with diamond cufflings and a very large top hat to disguise himself. At first everyone was attracted to the new gorilla in town with the flashy clothes, but then they saw through his scheme and figured him out. All of the animals of the congo held a meeting to decide what to do about him. After many hours of deliberation, they decided to tar and feather him and send him on a plane to Ethiopia, in hopes that the starving people would mistake him for a charity chicken and eat him. The plan failed. The reason for its failure was the fact that the cage he was put in was made of bamboo. Since he was a 900 pound silverback the bamboo poles were easlily broken. After breaking out he found a parachute which he used to jump form the plane.

As the gorilla was floating to the ground a British Intelligence radar picked him up. After he fell closer to the ground he could be see by a telescope. He was made out to be some kind of "moth man". They found it to be an issue of national security, so they called in, none other than, James Bond. James Bond quickly devised a plan to disguise himself as a antelope. As the gorilla fell to the ground he saw the antelope(James Bond) and became infuriated. What 007 didnt know was that the gorilla had an extreme hatred toward antelope. A large white rabbit saw the gorillas situation and decided to help him. The rabbit ran as fast as he could back to his home and grabbed an uzi for the gorilla. As soon as the gorilla hit the ground the rabbit was waiting with the gun. The gorilla grabbed the gun and started shooting crazily at the antelope. The antelope (James Bond) fell dead in his tracks. Then the rabbit said, " Nice shooting! Would you like to get married?" The gorilla said yes and they were then married on July 26, 2002. They immediately began to build their new home, which in the future would house them and their many grabbits.

The End