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The Old King was dying. The only thing that could restore his health was the stone of life. The King asked his subjects, "Is anyone brave enough to search for the stone". So Grognight, Sleeper, Drax and Goblem said to the King 'yes we will do it'.

All four of them had special magic powers. Grognight was the leader of the team, he had a very powerful magic dragon Sword, but the Swords powers could only be used when the sword sensed great danger.

Sleeper, the half man half wolf. Sleeper had the body of a human and the legs of a wolf. He wore a strap across his body so he could carry his long wooden flute, magical flute. When he played an enchanted tune he could put people to sleep. If Sleeper played the wrong tune, he would go to sleep himself.

Drax, the only one out of them that was a human, but his family was warlocks. He wore black leather boots, with black trousers and a red sleeveless t-shirt. His hair was all spiky. Drax had power with in him and if he said 'wings', then wings would suddenly appear.

Goblem was the ugly one of them all. He was thin as paper and only wore a little skirt to cover his privates. He had dark green skin and huge eyes, which could make him, see in the dark. He had a powerful crossbow that could fire arrows of light. The arrows could multiply, to the number he thought in his mind. He could also do other things with the arrows.

The leader of the team was Grognight. He was a demon. He had two horns, he was pure muscle, and his skin co lour was red. He wore...