Origins of life

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There are many theories of evolution floating around to guess at. However few have the evidence and data to back them up. Without the evidence and date a theory of evolution is just a thought, nothing more.

This theory says protocells let to the development of many different species. Cells formed into many different things including plants, animals, and humans. The cells grew and duplicated and adapted to different ways of life. This process took many years to get to where the world is today. The evidence to support this first claim is that carbon based compounds will suddenly form within the early earths’ atmosphere. Chemical processes changed and formed more complex ones as time goes by. The atmosphere today greatly differs from the surrounding back then.

The data to support this claim is that experiments done since the early 1950’s has found that carbon based compounds will flourish almost anywhere.

Advanced animals will be able to adapt more quickly to their surroundings because they have evolved and grew throughout the years.

The thermal vents theory is that life began from the bottom of the ocean through vents. After the vents were discovered in 1979, ecosystems were found in the lowest points of the ocean. These ecosystems supported numerous lives that survived the cold and harsh environments.

The evidence to support the Thermal Vents theory is that they found ecosystems in the lowest parts of the ocean. Molecules are formed between the hydrothermal vents and the cold water. The data that supports this theory is that the ecosystems found supported the life of many organisms. Scientists are learning new things about the ocean everyday, so in all honesty nothing can be ruled out on this theory.

Both these theories have evidence and data to support them. However, neither theory can...