Origins Of Sociology

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Origins of Sociology In today's ever changing world, we are constantly looking towards the future. While in the textbook of Macionis and Gerber we see them looking deeper than that, and into the "˜whys'. The Origins of Sociology is a topic of great interest and discussion, because it gives the individual the opportunity to look at how sociology has developed over the years, and to look at the socio-historical factors that play crucial roles in the development of the sociological apperception. In this essay I will look at how sociology emerged as an attempt to deal with the "problems of modernity"�, while also looking toward the future and the problems that may arise.

To start off, I will deal with Auguste Comte and his definition of sociology in comparison to the ways others looked at sociology. His way of looking at sociology stemmed from a new way of looking at the world.

His definition was a more broader, more open one than the thinkers of the past. He talks of how knowledge helps to build a better future for the individual. And in order to gain a better understanding of how society worked was to look at it from a scientific point of view. Comte talks of the three stages; the first being the theological stage "" which basically meant that thinking was guided by religion (Macionis and Gerber, 19??: 13). This was true; from the beginning to about the 1300's, mainly because the people around this time frame had nothing else to look towards. And their history told them that if you did not follow a certain way then you would be persecuted, or go to hell. People in those days had little knowledge of the ability to look beyond, or to look at their society from a different...