The origins of star wars

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The Origins of Star Wars In the movie Star Wars, Director and Screenplay writer George Lucas creates a very complex, believable universe. Lucas borrows many things from different places to create his universe.This paper will show whether or not he succeeds and how does he does it. The origins of the much of Star Wars will be explained and the symbolic nature of the characters will be touched upon, as well as a brief history of the most important part of the story line.

The Star Wars universe has a rich and complex history. It starts with Yoda, who trains Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan, after serving in the Clone Wars of the 'Old Republic' which existed right before the Empire, decided to take on the responsibility of training a Jedi. He trains a young up-and-coming hotshot pilot in the ways of the Force. This is Anakin Skywalker, Luke's father. Anakin finds the dark side of the Force much easier and more expedient than the light and becomes a dark Jedi, Darth Vader.

He becomes so powerful that his body starts to be eroded by the dark side energies, forcing him to wear a suit and respirator. Ben blames himself for Anakin's failings and lives like a hermit in the Jundland Wastes of Tatooine, watching over Anakin's son, Luke.

Luke Skywalker is the unwitting hero of Star Wars. He is reluctantly thrust into helping out the Rebel Alliance after his aunt and uncle are killed by the Evil Galactic Empire. In him we see all the naivete that is in a provincial boy. Lucas keeps the outcome of the movie in doubt by making the hero a child who must grow into his role. But the character is not an original one, he has no personality at the beginning of the...