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Table of ContentsAbstract3OS Background Information 4Implementation and Management4Directory Services8TCO9Intranet/Internet Support10Development Tools12Automated Management Tools13File and Resource Sharing14Final Recommendations15References16AbstractRiordan Manufacturing, a premier manufacturer and supplier of polymer-based products, seeks to upgrade its server-side and client-side operating system with Microsoft-developed solutions in the form of Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista to increase overall system stability, performance, security, and the intrinsic benefits associated with staff productivity. Prior to making a final determination, the IT staff is tasked with researching the capabilities of the newer operating systems to allow for a side-by-side comparison with the Windows 9x and Windows 2000 operating systems presently deployed at the Riordan facilities in the United States and China. Once the provisions of SR-rm-006 have been satisfied, the IT staff is tasked with presenting these findings to Riordan Manufacturing's CIO, Maria Trinh.

OS Background InformationIn response to SR-rm-006, the Riordan Manufacturing information technology (IT) staff is tasked with completing the following operating systems (OS) analysis:The company is in the process of upgrading all the computers.

Windows 2K is the network operating system. IT has decided to upgrade the network operating system, and your team is tasked with evaluating both Windows 2003 and Windows Vista as the potential replacement to the current system. You are to compare and contrast the two systems and submit a proposal to the CIO along with making a recommendation as to which system or combination of systems the company should use. (Riordan Manufacturing, SR-rm-006)The preliminary steps involved a comprehensive analysis of Windows XP Professional to allow for a well-researched comparison with Windows Vista for the client-side OS, and comparisons between Windows Server 2000 and Windows Server 2003 for the server-side of the system. The initial expectations were that since Microsoft's collection of Windows OSs are built on the best features from the previous versions, the...