Oscar Wilde "The Birthday of Infanta"

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A very famous playwright, novelist, essayist, poet and epigrammatist wrote the story entitled "The Birthday of the Infanta". This story by genre is partly short story and partly fairy-tale. The story told the readers about a little Dwarf, who was ugly, hunchbacked, monster, but did not realize it by himself. And one day he looked in the invisible wall of clear water and saw his own reflection. He could not ever imagine that he is so ugly, so deterrent. Dwarf's little heart could not bear such shock - the little creature died. Meanwhile, a little girl who owned the Dwarf, Infanta wanted to show her jester to her friends. She was very capricious mainly as all princesses and wanted everybody to fulfill her desires, but if somebody did not do it - little Infanta became crazy. She was disappointed when her uncle said that the Dwarf is dead and would not make her laugh again.

She told not to give her such presents anymore, which cannot make her happy and laugh.

The theme of this story is very close related to the message of the text - not the person's appearance, but the inner world shows the real beauty of the person.

The composition is "in media rēs"- as if the readers already know this story. The text "The Birthday of the Infanta" can be divided into two parts: first one could be revelation of the Dwarf. When he sees his reflection in the mirror everything changes in his life. And the second part could be after the Dwarf's death. Little princesses became very sad, because there was nobody to make her laugh in her birthday.

Speaking about the climax, it appears at that moment when the Dwarf realizes that it was he who was misshapen, hunchbacked, foul to look...