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Running head: OSHA


Don Carter

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Introduction: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was formed in 1970 when Richard Nixon signed the Occupational and Safety Act in December 1970. (OSHA, 2011). My goal in this assignment is to visit a retail establishment and try to identify one or more OSHA violations and to discuss the importance of OSHA itself.

The retail establishment I choose to look at was my local home improvement center, Home Depot. I have been a customer of this store for a number of years and have seen OSHA violations in the past. I never considered what the ramifications would be for Home Depot if OSHA would have identified any of these violations.

I visited the store on 29 February 2011. As I walked through the store I took note of several OSHA violations.

The first incident I saw was in the paint department. An employee had spilled some mineral spirits on the countertop and proceeded to clean it up with some paper towels. After he cleaned the spill he disposed of the paper towels in a regular trash can just behind the counter. Whenever a flammable liquid is spilled and cleaned up it is required to dispose of the paper towel or rags into a flame proof trash can. There are cans made just for this purpose that are clearly marked "for flammables only". By placing the paper towel in a regular trash can with other combustible products there is a chance the flammable liquid could ignite with a spark or even combust depending on the liquid.

Another violation I spotted was regarding forklift safety. There was an individual operating a forklift to remove a pallet of tile from the upper rack.